Pumpkin Indulgence

Pumpkin Indulgence


This cold process soap has a natural warm and spiced  pumpkin fragrance that is sure to be a favorite! It’s a handmade artisan soap featuring wonderful aromas created naturally with spices and essential oils like clove, cinnamon bark, and allspice. It smells good enough to eat! It exudes pure warmth and comfort, brought together for you in an enchanting blend. A healthy dollop of pumpkin puree brings this bar to the next level of luxury and adds the perfect amount of extra lather to take it over the top. 

The delightful bar contains saponified oils of Olive, Coconut, And Grapeseed. Organic Fair Trade Raw Shea, Organic Mango Butters, and aloe round out this spectacular bar. Vegan Friendly and Palm Free. 


Handmade soaps make the perfect gift for anyone! We make luxury soaps using the cold process soap making method. This means that every batch is created using exceptionally high-quality ingredients that are wonderful for your skin. In addition, crafting these artisan soaps allows us to create little works of art. Our homemade soap is meant to be a little piece of everyday luxury, and we strive to bring a spa soap experience to your shower. Have a baby shower coming up? Bridal Shower? Handmade custom soaps are the perfect party favor! Contact us to customize your own soap today! For cold process orders please place your order at least 6 weeks in advance. If you would like your bars sooner, 2 weeks in advance, we can accommodate with several options of pre-saponified natural bases that can be customized with your choice of a variety of scent profiles and colors.

Our products are never tested on animals!

Handmade soap is always best kept as dry as possible. The dryer you keep it, the longer you extend the life of your soap bars! We recommend a well draining soap dish that is never in any pooling or running water. You will thank us later! 

Because our soap is handcrafted in small batches, each bar of soap will vary slightly in weight and design from the image shown. 

Some soaps contain Vanilla, which discolors the soap, over time, to a darker color. In order to keep it as natural as possible, we have decided not to use a vanilla stabilizer. The discoloration is purely cosmetic and does not have anything to do with the quality of the soap! We do try to work with fragrances that do not discolor or we incorporate the discoloration in the design.

Most items are made to order. Please allow 5-10 days of manufacturing time before it is shipped.

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Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Water,, Pumpkin Puree, Sodium Hydroxide ( saponifying agent ), Organic Fair Trade Raw Shea Butter,   Castor Oil, Organic Mango Seed Butter,  Grape seed Oil, Clove Essential Oil,  Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil, All Spice

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